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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Vernon Hills

Vernon Hills Chiropractor

Lower Back Pain in Vernon Hills
will always be coupled with the misalignment of the lumbar vertebrae in your back. Without exception the "subluxation " is always involved. When the back is not in correct alignment muscles must compensate for this "subluxation" by trying to hold you together. This is accomplished in a number of ways including, stiffness, myospasm, and an over all decrease in natural range of motion. Range of motion, or lack of, is an excellent indicator that there is something wrong. (So is pain). The Chiropractor in Vernon Hills, Dr.Nate Raders will evaluate your presenting symptoms utilizing orthopedic testing, Range of Motion testing and in some cases advanced imaging like MRI or X-ray. Regardless of the severity of your condition, left untreated it will escalate. Often gentle, conservative Chiropractic Care can elevate your symptoms without the use of medication or surgery. If you have questions as to wether chiropractic care is right for you, rest assured, it is. Safe, effective and proven results. Emergency appointments are available. Excellent references are available upon request.

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