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Success Stories

Vernon Hills Chiropractor success stories heard from patients here at Raders' Spinal Health Center!

  • "Back and neck pain diminished dramatically. I slept better, exercise more and have cleared up intestinal problems. - All of which I feel are primarily due to spinal alignment and therapy received at Raders' Spinal Health Center... I have and will continue to recommend to friends and relatives to make an appointment to be examined by Dr. Raders for the aforementioned reasons"
    Dave, June 2012
  • "I've had scoliosis all my life and thought I just had 'to live with it'. Since I started treatment, I have enjoyed much less stiffness and a lot more mobility. I definitely feel a difference. Give it a try--it is painless and you'll feel better and stronger."
  • "I absolutely have less pain and more mobility. Try it for at least a month, 3 times a week and you will notice a difference. Dr. Raders is interested in how you feel because his goal is to make you pain-free, or with at least with as little amount of pain and keep your mobility needed to enjoy your life."
  • "Better quality and attitude each morning without pain. More confident that I will physically be comfortable. Always a good experience at office visits and business on the phone."
    Linda, 48, May 2012
  • "The results! I feel less pain after my workouts, and feel like I can keep moving even after a long day. It works! If you feel any pain, this is the place to go. Everyone here is great to know and friendly as can be."
    avid, 19, June 2012

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