• "My husband starting seeing Dr.Raders over a year ago for an injury he got on the job. Shortly after several adjustments he felt amazing and could function again, then my 10 yr old son started seeing him as well for maintenance due to sports. He sees him once a month and he feels great. I recently hurt my back and Dr Raders took amazing care of me knowing I was in great hands bc my family sees him so I knew I’d be ok. Now I’m on a maintenance program and I feel great. I still have a long way to go but I’m a work in progress. I absolutely would recommend Raders Spinal Health Center in Vernon hills. Thanks Dr R."
    Diane M.
  • "In addition to being close to my home, they are polite, professional and caring. Scheduling is easy and if I run a little early or a little late they are still able to be flexible too. My pain in my arm is gone, my neck pain is minimal most of the time, and I feel it ia helping my overall health. I highly recommend."
    Jennifer H.
  • "Been going to the office for about 6months, came in with terrible sciatic pain that was effecting my entire life. I am sole care taker to a energetic little boy and was missing out on having fun with him. Within my 1st visit I began to feel better. Dr. Rader genuinely cares about his patients, explains things thoroughly and in a way that makes perfect sense. His staff is amazing. Hannah at the front is a joy and helpful with any questions you may have. They are family oriented and friendly. I am so happy I finally made a choice for putting myself 1st. I have movement once again and consider the office friends."
    Nikki B.
  • "Dr. Raders is great. He is friendly and takes the time to explain his procedures. I have been under his care for almost a year, and back pain and stiffness that I have had for 25 years is getting better every day. His office has a very positive vibe, and his scheduling is very flexible. I can't recommend him highly enough."
    Kevin S.
  • "Dr. Raders has been helping me with my scoliosis and we’re seeing good results! They have all the necessary equipment for scoliosis patients. Super friendly, flexible, and very family friendly!"
    Danielle S.
  • "Dr. Nate is extremely knowledgeable in what he does and with his understanding of the human body I would recommend him above all other people in his field."
    Anthony M.
  • "We love Raders - our whole family goes almost every week. Dr. Raders is very knowledgeable & a great, friendly guy & Hannah at reception is always so welcoming. The treatments are gentle & thorough."
    Carol L.
  • "You're in great hands with Dr. Nate! He is such a knowledgeable & approachable doc! His passion for helping kid's and families shines through every time you talk to him. You can tell he loves what he does! I definitely recommend visiting Raders Spinal Health Center!"
    Jenny L.
  • "Dr. Raders is the best! He healed me from horrible neck pain, lower back pain and a pinched nerve that sent pain shooting down my entire right arm. He is my hero and I highly recommend him. I now see him for maintenance and will continue to do so."
    Pam C.
  • "Dr.Raders goes above and beyond for his patients and you can tell he cares. I’ve had allergy problems for years, I started going here almost a year ago and this is the first year my allergies aren’t terrible. Along with my asthma, I was worried with my asthma and back pain I would have a hard time in my chosen career but both those symptoms have subsided with regular checkups at Dr.Raders"
    Matthew M.
  • "Dr. Raders is personable and extremely knowledgable. He breaks things down into easy to understand terms and finds ways to relate the information about your spine to your personal experiences. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see a chiropractor."
    Jordan D.
  • "Dr. Raders is very caring. And provides excellent chiropractic care. His assistant Hannah is also very helpful and very caring."
    Becky M.
  • "Dr. Raders is amazing! My son went from living in the ER and taking so many different medications to seeing his doctor only every 6 months just for follow ups and medication as needed! Thank you Dr. Raders and Hannah! You guys are fabulous! I tell everyone I know about this office and I wish we found you sooner!"
    Amanda H.
  • "What a tremendous resource to maintain good spinal health. Dr Rader's and his staff are outstanding"
    Paul R.
  • "Dr. Raders is a wonderful chiropractor. I have been going to his clinic for 3 months now and it’s made such a huge difference. I originally went in for neck pain which was causing dizziness and numbness in my arm. I haven’t had any of those symptoms since I started going there. I have also seen an improvement in my sinus congestion and headaches. Besides him being a great doctor, everyone in the office is friendly and makes the office a very welcoming place to come to. Definitely choose Dr. Raders as your chiropractor!"
    Jennifer F.
  • "As of now I'm only 19 years old. I have been going here for about a month and a half now and it has truly changed the way I'm able to live my life for the better. Prior to coming here I've had multiple PT appointments and nothing would seem to work. However, right as I walked into the door it has honestly changed my ability to move the ways I wasn't able to before."
    Ryan M.
  • "Chiropractic care provided by Dr. Raders has improved my overall well-being and quality of life! After years of suffering from headaches and migraines, I sought out chiropractic care as a means to find the root cause. As it turns out, my neck curve was minimal causing strain on my central nervous system resulting in the reoccurring headaches. After 12 weeks of working with Dr. Raders, the curve in my neck has returned and my headaches have diminished! Dr. Raders and his staff are incredible for many reasons. They have created a very patient centered office, which is extremely flexible and accommodating with scheduling. The excellent services are provided at fair and reasonable pricing. Most importantly, Dr. Raders and his team genuinely care about me as a person, not just a patient. I highly recommend Raders Spinal Health Center!!!"
    Kristin M.
  • "Dr. Raders takes an extremely professional approach to chiropractic adjustments, from x-rays to solutions.
    I would send anyone I knew his way."
    Cupco P.
  • "Dr. Raders is a great chiropractor who truly cares about his patients! He is very caring and takes his time to understand the needs of his patients. He gives great care to all of his patients. If you are looking for a place where the doctor provides excellent care for your entire family he is the best choice! Excellent chiropractor"
    Alicia K.
  • "Dr. Nathan continuously looks for ways to improve his patients’ health. Extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to spend time to educate about the “why”behind what he does. Absolutely recommend him!"
    JDog W.
  • "Dr. Nate is not only a friend but a Chiropractor who is very passionate and knowledgeable about his work. His staff is helpful and top notch and go out of their way to insure a pleasant visit. I would recommend his practice to anybody in the family including the very young, before little problems become bigger ones."
    William M.
  • "Dr. Raders is an excellent chiropractor, he is very knowledgeable with years of experience treating patients with a wide array of conditions. He is a well rounded chiropractic physician with both the clinical skills and ability to connect with his patients to understand and serve their needs."
    Bryce S.
  • "Robert Tomei's Wife, Catherine Tomei here - Dr. Nate took the time to listen to where my ache and pains were and examined every area that seemed to be troublesome. I went in for an adjustment and man did I crack. I was amazed as to how fast an adjustment takes and how it felt after it was done. Great work all the way around!! Highly recommend his services!"
    Robert T.
  • "Great doctor! Dr. Nate knows his craft well. Simply put he cares and you feel that authenticity every time you speak with him. Can’t wait to see him again!"
    Landon A.
  • "Dr. Raders and his staff do a great job! His staff is friendly and Dr. Raders is very knowledgeable and really listens to your needs."
    Joe L.
  • "Dr. Nate and I have been colleagues, accountability partners and more importantly friends for a couple of years. You will find no other more committed chiropractor to help you get BETER! If you want your life to improve, then Dr. Nate will create the right plan to help you achieve your health goals and dreams."
    David T.
  • "Dr. Raders has been or family's chiropractor since October of 2017! All my family has been doing great since coming here. Our weekly adjustments come in handy when we start to feel under the weather. Feeling fantastic everyday!"
    Elizabeth M.
  • "Dr. Nate is a great person and an AMAZING chiropractor. He is always attentive and very diligent in getting his patients the best care so they can live their best life!"
    Ann B.
  • "I have been coming for maintenance care for about six weeks. I came in with a numb feeling in my arm and leg and was feeling it for a good portion of my day. I feel better each day and look forward to feeling 100% after the care received from Dr. Raders. An added bonus is the clean and friendly environment he and his staff provide. 5 stars!!"
    Alison K.
  • "I have suffered with migraine headaches for approximately twenty years. In addition, a year ago I went to the emergency room with symptoms of dizziness, neck and back pain, and numbness in my arms and legs. After all the tests returned normal, the ER doctor suggested my spine and neck might be misaligned and that I try chiropractic care. Dr. Raders has treated me for a year now and I have not had to take my prescription migraine medicine in over six months. After weekly chiropractic adjustments and therapies, almost all of the dizziness has dissipated and I have more energy and range of motion. Dr. Raders is patient, kind, and professional. During the initial consultation, he really listened and took his time assessing my symptoms. It didn’t happen overnight, but I feel more “whole again” and better than I have in a long time. I’m currently on a maintenance plan and this helps to keep the symptoms at bay. Thank you Dr. Raders and your staff for the quality care!"
    Tina J.
  • "I have been very pleased with RSHC. I had a numbness in one leg and foot for a year or two, and couldn't figure out why, and couldn't find a way to relieve it. After an introduction a workplace fair, I decided to try RSHC. Dr. Raders has been very easy to work, clearly explains every step and its purpose, and best of all, I am seeing improvement in my leg and overall physical well-being. Appointments are easy to schedule, easy to track with text updates, and the office environment is casual and very friendly. Highly recommended!"
    Steven H.
  • "Dr. Raders is amazing! He properly aligned my lower back and neck resulting in a greater range of motion. Now I experience significantly less pain. Amazing! I highly recommend you speak with Dr. Raders concerning your chiropractic needs. Thanks!"
    Steve M.
  • "I'd never used chiropractic care before, but started coming here with pain down my arm into my fingers and felt less pain after the first adjustment. I'm a few weeks into treatments and happy to be feeling better and better. The staff is friendly and efficient, and scheduling is easy to work with. Highly recommend."
    Hope M.
  • "I originally came in with heavy lower back pain. The pain limited my activities especially with golf. My experience with Dr. Raders has been life changing. I no longer have sharp tightness and have confidence to do all physical activities. I continue to see him for continued maintenance visits at affordable rates!"
    Karl G.
  • "Dr. Raders and his staff are dedicated professionals with a great heart and precise attention to every patient's need. The way patients are treated in that center should be set a national standard.What an outstanding patient's care! When you in need of chiropractic help look no further Dr.Raders is the one!"
    Alx W.
  • "Dr. Raders has a unique approach to reducing the risk of pain as well as treating it. This is not just "crack your back" type of practice."
    Mantas T.
  • "I have been coming here for years. Very enjoyable and the staff is very helpful. Whether for a simple adjustment or in an emergency, getting an appointment is simple. Always so friendly and a great place to go for your Chiropratic care"
    Paula M.
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Nathan Rader for over a year now and I was very picky of who would touch my back. He is excellent and kind and thoughtful and very attentive to my back and my neck!!!! The staff is great and is flexible to your appointments when you need to change them. I have a herniated disk and have no pain. He is proactive and if you want to heal in a real way and maintain your health then go see Dr. Nathan Rader to try him out!!!"
    Amy I.
  • "Dr. Raders is awesome! He has helped minimize my dowanger's hump, which I was told nothing would help! He has great bedside manner and listens to your concerns. He has helped me so much that I have referred my parents and best friends. They too are very pleased with the care they receive from Dr. Raders and continue to see him. Thanks Raders Spinal Health Center!"
    Erene M.
  • "Best chiropractic care I have ever had. Would recommend to everyone. Very informative and knowledgeable. After 4 weeks I feel like a new person and can freely move around again."
    Mr. Smith
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Raders for about six years now and will happily and gladly continue to do so. I have scoliosis and could not sit in an office chair for ten minutes before having to shift positions, every ten minutes. An afternoon on my feet meant knee and lower back pain. And I was only 26!

    Everyone's care is different but after my first four months of treatment I went on a 9-day camping trip that involved 5-7 miles of walking a day. No knee or back pain!

    I've been doing my monthly care visits ever since. I've lived in Chicago the past two years and make the drive all the way up for my care - once in a snow storm! I haven't found anyone else who can treat my scoliosis like Dr. Raders can. He knows his stuff and will do his best to help you."
    Kari H.
  • "First found out about Raders spinal health through my place of employment. Came to see him because I had back problems. And at 24 it's not so common to have back pain. From sitting at my desk all day and being able to come here for adjustments and feeling great. I've been coming for about 3 years now and Dr Raders has been fantastic. Highly recommend."
    Stephanie S.
  • "I had a positive experience with Raders Spinal Health Center. I was provided with the suitable treatment for my case. Also, I was professionally educated by Dr. Raders on how to maintain a good poster. I would recommend Dr. Raders to all of my family and clients."
    Bassam S.
  • "Full time carpenter, salesman and sports enthusiast. I've had back issues this entire year. I've been going to Raders Spinal Health Center for only 4 weeks and the lower back pain has already subsided. I've had more energy beacuse. Dr Raders is the main reason for this."
    Jonny B. G.
  • "This facility is great! Dr. Rader is very professional as well as informative. I'm currently an athlete and I haven't experienced any issues with my back at all. Just by going through my regular chiropractic treatment I've been able to maintain great mobility without any issues. I would highly recommend using this service because many people don't even realize what great benefits can come from it. Even if you are hesitant about going, just try it out once and listen to what Dr. Rader has to say and I guarantee that you will think about how your life can change for the better."
    Ryan H.
  • "Been seeing Dr Raders since he started here-- at least 8 years! Great man, spends time with you. Accommodating! Since I moved, I drive an hour to see him."
    Cindy D.
  • "Dr. Raders has helped me so much since I started coming here. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort before I started coming here and was at risk of having to have life changing surgery. That was near the beginning of the summer and now I am experiencing no discomfort and my spine has improved immensely. I'm so lucky to be able to have found someone like Dr. Rader. Highly recommend."
    Rachel B.
  • "Came here around last year Sept with pain on my lower back, and neck, plus experiencing dizziness when I laid down and got up from bed. After over 2 months treatments, Dr Raders was able to reduce the pain on my back and neck, most of all he did heal my dizziness completely. As today the dizziness have not come back at all. I did go to physical therapist for my dizziness but it did not help. As 2017, I am still coming here for my maintenance treatment. Dr Raders is a very friendly, care, patient and a good listener doctor. The staff Hannah is also a very friendly and helpful person. Enjoy going there everytime."
    Katherine E.
  • "My wife, Linda, began experiencing severe back pain 5 weeks ago. I've been a patient of Doctor Raders for 3 years now and I recommended that Linda visit Doctor Raders. She was reluctant to go as she had a bad experience with a different chiropractor 15 years ago. After the first week of treatment her pain level was dramatically reduced and now she is almost pain free. All this and no side effects from drugs. I recommend Doctor Raders to anyone who wants improved health!"
    Ray M.
  • "Great place for fixing my back and the staff is super friendly"
    Yael G.
  • "Since I've come in my back has felt much better with significantly more range of motion then my first day there. The appointments are simple yet effective and the people working there are very friendly."
  • "I grew up with Chiropractic care and i know a knowledgeable and certified Chiropractor when i see one. And so when i moved here for school i was worried that i wouldn't find a qualified Dr. I visited other Chiropractors in the area and settled on Dr Nathan. He's thorough and professional. He actually cares about his patients. Coming from a background of racing mountain bikes and triathlons and studying along with long hours in the classroom, Dr Nathan keeps my body healthy and active!"
    Dominic C.
  • "I've been going to dr. Raders now for 2 and a half months consecutively every week and have seen great result! It has enhanced my overall health, effected my work out, my energy level all in a positive way. I also appreciate the positive and friendly atmosphere!"
    Joshua L.
  • "I had problems with neck tension and headaches. I decided to give chiropractic care a shot. After review of my xrays, we found that my neck curve is going the opposite direction. Since I started getting regular adjustments I haven't experienced a headache, have less tension in my neck and have over all more energy. Highly recommended Raders Spinal Health Center, and Dr. Raders is great!"
    Hannah R.
  • "Dr Nate has helped me quite a bit in the last couple months and I looked forward to feeling better and better... I'd refer people I know to go here for quality chiropractoratic care."
    Kellie G.
  • "I get my wife here, and it helps a lot to relieve her severe pain; she is happy - I am happy."
    hitesh duggar
  • "For years I lived with tension headaches at least twice a week. Many developed into migraines. Dr Raders suggested the angle of my neck was part of the problem. After a course of intensive treatment the headaches dropped way down in frequency and intensity. I haven't had a migraine for years and the headaches I get now are usually related to changes in my sleep pattern. I'm now only in monthly maintenance mode to relieve pain in my lower back caused by life stresses. Dr Raders always has answers to my many questions. He keeps on top of developments in the field and I get the benefit of his expertise. I like the fact that chiropractic addresses the cause of problems instead of focusing on treating the symptoms."
    Jenny R.
  • "Raders spinal center is great for everyone! My kids and I get adjusted every 3 weeks! Schedule your appt today to start feeling good!"
    Alison G.
  • "I have been a true believer in chiropractics care and have seen several doctors on and off for many years. I hurt my hip and lower back last June cleaning house. So naturally I went to see a chiropractor. I was however, dissatisfied with my progress (1 step forward 2 steps backward) . I was referred to Dr. Raders by one of his patient and have seen him 3 times a week in April and by July it was cut to twice a week. Now I only go once per week. I highly recommend him for any type of chiropractic care you may need."
    Miss Tibbs
  • "Raders Spinal Health Center has does a 360 on my body. I have a company that demands a lot of me, not only fiscally but mentally and with the treatment I get at Raders I have never felt better! I had loss of feeling in the tips of my fingers and now since my treatments all feeling has returned to them. I will be recommending them to all of my clients and family."
    Beau B.
  • "When I first started with Dr. Raders I had severe low back pain that radiated down to ankle on my left leg. I could barely walk. After receiving Dr. Raders' recommendations I started receiving adjustments. In a very short amount of time I was moving well and my pain was gone. I can't say enough good things about my care in his office. I'm feeling great and would recommend him to anyone with a spinal or health issue. Thank you!!!!"
    Grace P.
  • "I started seeing doctor Rader about 2 months ago with back and neck pain.
    With my position at work I spend 8 hours a day on my feet. After first couple weeks of treatment I felt much better.
    I highly recommend to visit Dr. Rader if you want live your life without pain and look and feel younger."
    Amalia R.
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Raders for about year. I was hit from behind and had whip lash with limited neck mobility. After a few treatments my pain went away and my range of motion came back. Dr. Raders is professional, flexible with scheduling, and he truly cares about the health of his patients. Dr. Raders has my unqualified recommendation to anyone who needs a chiropractor."
    Peter M.
  • "I have becoming to Dr. Raders for 3 years after hearing a talk he gave at Del Webb. He has helped my neck and back greatly. Now i move easier and have less pain. Thank you Dr. Raders and staff. Keep up the great work."
    Maria G.
  • "I referred an employee to Dr. Nate because he was experiencing back pain. Dr. Nate quickly scheduled an appointment with him and answered all of his questions regarding his back pain and proposed a plan to help not only eliminate the current pain, but to prevent the pain in the future. I will definitely be referring Dr. Nate again in the future!"
    Andy F.
  • "Several years ago I was in a accident which lead to whiplash. Dr. Rader took care of that and my back pain. Now I just need to go in monthly for my maintenance adjustment and feel great all the time. Thank you doc you're a true miracle worker."
    Patricia B.
  • "I've been a patient of Dr. Rader's for three months and my pain is completely gone! He is amazing! Very professional, knowledgable and kind. I highly recommend him!"
    Sarah N.
  • "I came into Dr. Raiders with unaligned hips and an awful pain after running. After a month, pain went away completely! Dr. Raiders is very friendly and great at what he does! Highly recommend!"
    Stephanie R.
  • "Since I have been going to Dr. Rader's, I have been sleeping better, having much less back pain (if any), & have been able to stand for long periods of time. There is also an increase in energy. I used to have constant sinus problems & congestion, but it has significantly decreased. Dr. Rader is very informative & always takes the time to ensure every client is a priority. The staff is also extremely courteous, professional, & kind. I look forward to my appointments each week. Thank you Dr. Rader & staff!"
    J W
  • "Dr. Raders and his team are extremely inviting and will make you feel comfortable in their center. If you need chiropractic care, there is no one I'd recommend more than Dr. Raders."
    Michael G.
  • "Dr. Nate is a wonderful, caring chiropractor. I highly recommend his practice to others!"
    Robin A.
  • "Before I came to see Dr. Raders, I used to get headaches almost every day of the week. The pain was so intense that I had to take ibproufen almost every day, sometimes twice. After a few months of treatment and changing around the set up of my work desk at Dr. Raders' direction, the headaches drastically reduced. Now, after nine months of treatment, my headaches have been reduced to about once or twice a month, and when I do get them, they are gone in less than an hour and no longer require medication. The entire office staff is very friendly and helpful, and they are flexible with scheduling. I would definitely recommend Raders Spinal Health to anyone experiencing these symptoms!"
    Nicole L.
  • "Prior to getting adjusted I suffered from chronic headaches and neck pain. It has been over 7 years that I have been able to treat my migraines with chiropractic care. Raders Spinal Health provides down-to-earth and genuine care for each of their patients!"
    Casey H.
  • "I have been a patient here for at least 5 years for back pain. Since I have been getting chiropractic adjustments, I can move easier and have less pain."
    Katie W.
  • "Dr Nathan Raders is very personable and listens to my concerns
    Highly recommend this Dr."
    Leonard S.
  • "I was in an automobile accident raders raders Health Care Center made me feel like accident never happened"
    Clarence B.
  • "I was in too much pain in my lower back and neck I had a constant headache but after coming over here with Dr Reader and start my treatment pain is almost gone and I am feeling much better I will definitely recommend this place.!!!"
    Raksha P.
  • "Great experience. Great presentation!"
    Hyacinth L.
  • "Starting coming because my back was sore from sitting in front of a computer all day. I am now on my maintenance schedule and feeling great"
    Andi N.
  • "Did great for back pain. Recommend."
    Robert D.
  • "Came in after years of lower back pain turned into an almost crippling sciatica pain. After being treated I have had not experienced any of the past symptoms or discomfort."
    David A.
  • "Dr. Rader is amazing"
    Mindi N.
  • "Fantastic work"
    Kyle H.


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Dr. Raders and his son watching a youth sports gameDr. Raders and his son watching a youth sports game

Dr. Raders and his son watching a youth sports game

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