• "I have been very pleased with RSHC. I had a numbness in one leg and foot for a year or two, and couldn't figure out why, and couldn't find a way to relieve it. After an introduction a workplace fair, I decided to try RSHC. Dr. Raders has been very easy to work, clearly explains every step and its purpose, and best of all, I am seeing improvement in my leg and overall physical well-being. Appointments are easy to schedule, easy to track with text updates, and the office environment is casual and very friendly. Highly recommended!"
  • "I have suffered with migraine headaches for approximately twenty years. In addition, a year ago I went to the emergency room with symptoms of dizziness, neck and back pain, and numbness in my arms and legs. After all the tests returned normal, the ER doctor suggested my spine and neck might be misaligned and that I try chiropractic care. Dr. Raders has treated me for a year now and I have not had to take my prescription migraine medicine in over six months. After weekly chiropractic adjustments and therapies, almost all of the dizziness has dissipated and I have more energy and range of motion. Dr. Raders is patient, kind, and professional. During the initial consultation, he really listened and took his time assessing my symptoms. It didn’t happen overnight, but I feel more “whole again” and better than I have in a long time. I’m currently on a maintenance plan and this helps to keep the symptoms at bay. Thank you Dr. Raders and your staff for the quality care!"
  • "I originally came in with heavy lower back pain. The pain limited my activities especially with golf. My experience with Dr. Raders has been life changing. I no longer have sharp tightness and have confidence to do all physical activities. I continue to see him for continued maintenance visits at affordable rates!"
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Raders for about six years now and will happily and gladly continue to do so. I have scoliosis and could not sit in an office chair for ten minutes before having to shift positions, every ten minutes. An afternoon on my feet meant knee and lower back pain. And I was only 26!

    Everyone's care is different but after my first four months of treatment I went on a 9-day camping trip that involved 5-7 miles of walking a day. No knee or back pain!

    I've been doing my monthly care visits ever since. I've lived in Chicago the past two years and make the drive all the way up for my care - once in a snow storm! I haven't found anyone else who can treat my scoliosis like Dr. Raders can. He knows his stuff and will do his best to help you."
  • "This facility is great! Dr. Raders is very professional as well as informative. I'm currently an athlete and I haven't experienced any issues with my back at all. Just by going through my regular chiropractic treatment I've been able to maintain great mobility without any issues. I would highly recommend using this service because many people don't even realize what great benefits can come from it. Even if you are hesitant about going, just try it out once and listen to what Dr. Rader has to say and I guarantee that you will think about how your life can change for the better."
  • "I've been going to dr. Raders now for 2 and a half months consecutively every week and have seen great result! It has enhanced my overall health, effected my work out, my energy level all in a positive way. I also appreciate the positive and friendly atmosphere!"
  • "Since I have been going to Dr. Rader's, I have been sleeping better, having much less back pain (if any), & have been able to stand for long periods of time. There is also an increase in energy. I used to have constant sinus problems & congestion, but it has significantly decreased. Dr. Rader is very informative & always takes the time to ensure every client is a priority. The staff is also extremely courteous, professional, & kind. I look forward to my appointments each week. Thank you Dr. Rader & staff!"
  • "Several years ago I was in a accident which lead to whiplash. Dr. Rader took care of that and my back pain. Now I just need to go in monthly for my maintenance adjustment and feel great all the time. Thank you doc you're a true miracle worker."
  • "For years I lived with tension headaches at least twice a week. Many developed into migraines. Dr Raders suggested the angle of my neck was part of the problem. After a course of intensive treatment the headaches dropped way down in frequency and intensity. I haven't had a migraine for years and the headaches I get now are usually related to changes in my sleep pattern. I'm now only in monthly maintenance mode to relieve pain in my lower back caused by life stresses. Dr Raders always has answers to my many questions. He keeps on top of developments in the field and I get the benefit of his expertise. I like the fact that chiropractic addresses the cause of problems instead of focusing on treating the symptoms."
  • "Dr. Raders has helped me so much since I started coming here. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort before I started coming here and was at risk of having to have life changing surgery. That was near the beginning of the summer and now I am experiencing no discomfort and my spine has improved immensely. I'm so lucky to be able to have found someone like Dr. Rader. Highly recommend."

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