Shoulder Pain and Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain and Neck Pain Relief

At our Vernon Hills Chiropractic office we have found that Shoulder Pain and Neck Pain usually go hand in hand. Most often Shoulder Pain is a result of a “subluxation” or misalignment in your neck. In more severe cases the pain can radiate down your arm into your hand. In any event you should have your Shoulder Pain evaluated at our Vernon Hills Chiropractic office. Dr. Raders will do a series of orthopedic tests to determine the exact cause of your shoulder pain. Strain or Sprain may be the culprit in less severe cases; however, this does not mean it hurts any less. Rotator cuff injury can also be a form of misalignment coupled with trauma. Regardless, a thorough investigation needs to be performed to rule of worse case scenarios. Vernon Hills Chiropractor, Dr. Nate Raders will give you straight answers to difficult questions.

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