What Can I Expect?

What to Expect

At Raders Spinal health Center we focus beyond the pain and symptoms you may experience. We focus on what is the root cause of these symptoms. At our office we are 100% natural, no medications. We use adjustments and therapies to increase spinal health. Dr. Raders believes each patient should receive a custom fit care plan for their initial care at our office. After the patient completes the plan we move our patients to wellness plan. At this point the patient should experience little to no pain or symptoms. The patient is coming in on a routine to keep their spinal placement and continue to keep the progress they made.

We see a variety of patients in our office. We see infants all the way to geriatrics. Everyone can benefit from Chiropractic care. We specialize in scoliosis, pediatrics and pregnancy adjustments.

Here are some benefits of how chiropractic adjustments can help you and your family members; Help reduce headaches and chronic back pain, regulate your sleep patterns, help with digestion, anxiety, ADHD, Ear Infections, increase energy, increase immune system and help with your overall health and well-being.

Initial Appointment

Patient should plan for approximately an hour long appointment. Included in the initial visit is a detailed health history examination and x-rays (if necessary). At Raders Spinal Health Center we typically don’t perform an adjustment on the patient until their second visit. We believe in thoroughly looking over the exam and x-ray results to find the best approach of care for our patients.

Second Appointment:

Patient should plan for approximately 30-45 minute long appointment. At this appointment Dr. Raders will present the findings from your x-ray and examination. We will discuss with you a plan for your care to get your spinal health on the correct path. We will also go over scheduling and finances with you during this appointment and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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